About us

Adria Media Ljubljana is a publishing house with a portfolio of the most important national and international magazine trademarks. We are one of the leading magazine publishers in Slovenia. Because we understand the need for interactive co-operation with our readers we are also taking advantage of the World Wide Web to complement our activities. Our driving force is the genuine and firm relationship our readers have developed with our magazines that give the readers exactly what they want.

In the world of changes people feel an unprecedented need to trust the content and opinion expressed in the media. The entire team of Adria Media Ljubljana realizes that our objective journalism, a fair and mutual relationship with our readers and their desire for high-quality content are essential for achieving our goals.

AM Ljubljana aims to retain and strengthen its position on the Slovene magazine market. Our goal is to become the leading magazine publisher in Slovenia (and we are just a step away from reaching it). At the same time we wish to strengthen our position in the field of digital media. Our digital goal is clear: to become one of the top ten most visited portals with at least one of our portals. We will continue to fulfill the wishes of our readers and business partners and create a stimulating and creative working environment for our staff.

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Owner and CEO: Tomaž Drozg

Management Team:

  • Borut Sušec, CFO
  • Dušan Lukič, Director of B2B projects
  • Meta Kač, Editorial Director
  • Špela Gutnik, Sales and Marketing Director
  • Gordana Lapadatović, Director of ad sales

Our Brands

We know our readers and we communicate with them every day!

The AML publishing house regularly issues licenced and own printed editions.

These are: Avto magazin, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Jana Lady, Lea, Lisa, Čarovnija okusa, Moje lepo stanovanje, Nova, Playboy, Story, and Plugin Magazine (english and german edition).

The magazines are enriched with numerous special supplements and editions that provide extra information for our readers and meet the increasing need for reliable niche topics.

adria media ljubljana magazines

Avto magazin is issued on the first and third Thursday each month. Comparative tests, first rides, exclusive reports and revealing secrets from the motor world. On four or on two wheels, drifting, tuning, sport and fun. A magazine with endless endurance. For motor enthusiasts, experts and leisure drivers. Published since 1967.

Cosmopolitan is isssued every last Thursday of the month. A fresh look at fashion, beauty, sex and relationships. Be it about your career, health and beauty or men, the Cosmopolitan is always here to help. For all women with youthful body and soul. Published since 2001.

Elle is issued every second Thursday of the month. Full of life, fashion icons and style. Elle is a magazine that follows, creates and lives trends. It is also full of fashion tips for the season. For the fashion conscious. Published since 2005.

Lea is published every Friday. Who is glittering, which one fading and who forgotten? We are talking about stars. There is plenty of room left in the media sky and we are discovering new stars every day.
For the curious among us. Published since 2004.

Lisa is published every Thursday. The best-selling weekly in Europe is full of light reading and practical tips for all areas of life. What are you interested in? Beauty, fashion, travelling, ciusine, health? Or perhaps all of the above? For all the people who enjoy life. Published since 2002.

Čarovnija okusa is issued every third Friday. Sweet and fun. The magazine, brimming with recipes, is suitable for gourmets as well as those who do not have much time for cooking. Find pure joy in food, awaken the gourmet in you. For the cooking master and apprentice. Published since 2003. "Cook with joy, bake with love, eat with pleasure"

Moje stanovanje issued every second Friday of the month. Interior design, furniture and practical tips. All this and more. A magazine with a thousand and one solutions for your home will bring out the creative side of you. Because nothing is sweeter than home. Interior design, furniture and practical tips. All this and more. A magazine with a thousand and one solutions for your home will bring out the creative side of you. Because nothing is sweeter than home. Published since 2003.

Nova is published every Monday. The latest and most shocking gossip. Did we say gossip? No, it's all true. What is who to whom, when and why, all gets exposed, verified and spiced-up. Domestic affairs, difficult affairs. Nothing escapes our vigliant eye. For the lovers of spicy details. Published since 2002.

Playboy is issued every last Friday of the month. A magazine to be enjoyed. High-quality articles about drinks, food, cars, yachts and travels around the world. And of course women. Slovenian, foreign, naked and beautiful. As beautiful as life itself. For thirsty, unforgetful parties. Published since 2001.

Sensa readers deserve more. When they think about healty living, they wish to get in touch with their inner self. Sensa looks for balance in life. It offers ways and inspiration to get the best out of life.

Story in published every Friday. Famous, beautiful, successful and rich people let the magazine deeper in their own privacy. Story is their confidant. Get to know famous people from their human site. We also want to present you the new trend's on fashion and beauty and at the same time, you will be acquainted with everything that is going on with music, film, culture and on television.

Na spletnih straneh Adria Media Ljubljana uporabljamo piškotke z namenom zagotavljanja spletne storitve, oglasnih sistemov in funkcionalnosti, ki jih brez njih ne bi mogli nuditi.

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