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About us

Adria Media Ljubljana is a publishing house with a portfolio of the most important national and international print and online trademarks. Because we understand the need for interactive co-operation with our readers we are also focus strongly on social media and events to complement our activities. We are one of the leading media companies in Slovenia – our driving force is the genuine and firm relationship with our audience.

In the world that changes quickly people feel an unprecedented need to consume trustworthy content and opinion expressed in the media. The entire team of Adria Media Ljubljana is very much aware that objective journalism, a fair and mutual relationship with our readers and the desire for high-quality content are essential for achieving our goals.

Adria Media Ljubljana aims to retain and strengthen its position on the Slovene media market and to continue building partnerships with global media companies. By creating a stimulating and creative working environment for our staff we will continue to supply our readers with relevant content and fulfil the wishes of our business partners.


Owner and CEO: Tomaž Drozg

Management Team

Our Brands

Adria Media Ljubljana regularly issues licenced and its own printed and digital editions.

These are: Aktivni, Avto Magazin, Cosmopolitan, Elle,, Playboy, Sensa, Story.

We enrich our brands with numerous special supplements, one off editions, events and other projects that provide extra content for our readers and meet the increasing need for reliable niche topics.

Aktivni – website and special print editions

Website publishes engaging content for those living an active life-style, but also for those who are about to make a step forward towards healthier life. One of its most intriguing features is cooperation with professionals from various sport- and health-related fields, who offer advice and answer user questions on a regular basis. Aktivni’s team of professionals keeps the information credible and reliable. hosts a yearly event ‘Tečemo skupaj’ (Let's run together), which brings together all the running enthusiasts.

Up to four times per year Aktivni is being published also in print edition.


Avto Magazin – magazine and website

Avto Magazin is the most expert and up-to-date Slovenian automotive and motorcycle magazine, dedicated to providing you with accurate, independent new-car and new-motorcycle tests, reviews, photos, videos and the latest concept cars from all major international auto shows, car comparison tests and exclusive announcements of new car models, still in conceptual or constructing stage – all of which is only but a fragment of the incredibly rich content prepared every month by a highly experienced, professional team.

Avto Magazin comes out on the second Thursday every month.


Cosmopolitan – magazine and website

Cosmopolitan is the Bible for intelligent, fun and fearless young women, who expect to take the most out of life. Impeccably styled they follow all the latest fashion and beauty trends in pursue of a highly successful career and, eventually, a family, where Cosmopolitan acts as their most confident friend, showing them that they can achieve or get their hands on anything they could possibly desire. In a fun, yet responsible way, the magazine strives to present every single topic that is interesting to any modern-day young woman. Cosmopolitan women are also invited to follow the world of Cosmo on the newly re-designed website and social media.

Cosmopolitan comes out on the last Thursday every month.


Elle – magazine and website

Elle The greatest, world’s best selling fashion magazine, published in 46 countries around the world, inspires women to explore and celebrate their own personal style in every aspect of their lives. Readers are invited to enjoy interesting articles on fashion, beauty, health, entertainment and life-style while encouraging them to develop their personal strength.

Published on the second Friday of every other month.

MEDIA KIT – website reports daily on all the biggest media events on a local as well as on a global scale. webportal is also enriched with entertaining content from the lives of famouse and ordinary people, to whom remarkable or extra-ordinary things have happened, with news on the latest scientific and technological break-throughs, historic backgrounds on current events, with contributions on lifestyle, psychology, and, of course, the ever so popular astrology!


Playboy – magazine and website

Stunning photographs of exquisit beauties, of brand new cars and motorcycles, divine culinary delights and top ranking sailboats, prestigious hotels and spas from all over the globe accompany an exciting read which will keep you entertained right to the very last page. Some of the highlights the Slovenian edition of Playboy is most famous for are its interviews, conducted with celebrities of both sexes.

Playboy comes out on the second Friday every other month.


Sensa – magazine and website

The meaning of life resides in personal growth, so no man should stay in the same place he is now. Life offers the best education for those who are willing to learn. Sensa is your true companion on the path towards healthy living and personal growth, while serving you as your spiritual guide, helping you achieve a fuller and happier life. It gives advice and inspires readers to try and find out who they really are, who other people that surround them are, how to come over their personal obstacles, discover their true potentials and make the best out of life. Sensa senses life in its fullest form, seeking stability and balance of the body, emotion and thoughts within.

Sensa comes out on the first Friday every second month.


Story – magazine

Story magazine is a confidant of the famous. The most renowned and successful Slovenians share their joyful as well as shocking life stories with Story. They talk about their ups and downs and reveal their future plans and desires. Story is a weekly magazine with the richest of content, offering readers celebrity interviews, the latest fashion and beauty trends, and much more.

Story comes out every Thursday.


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